Feb 9, 2018

Is it still the 90's

written by Rowson Green

In the 1980’s and 1990’s, when skilled candidates were hard to find, high recruitment fees of between 15-30% were  justified.  In this generation every task was undertaken manually, the .com bubble still blowing, Royal Mail still held dominion over the email, and technology was still relatively embryonic.  You have to consider then why recruitment costs are still at bay in 2018?

Now, a competitive marketplace will inevitably drive down prices for us all, I for one remember the second guess of shortening a text to avoid sending two messages (saving myself 10 pence).  Of course you can laugh, but this tells a tale and considering this, why, has this not applied to recruitment, seriously, why?

The biggest players in the industry still hold their fees at between 15-25%, the same price as it was in the 90’s Well, lets do something about it shall we.

Now, we obviously don’t want to force down the industry prices, and I am sure you don’t want that either….Oh, no wait…. Thats exactly what we intend to do.  The bigger companies have created a natural price fix in the industry by lavish spending and client meals, This means nobody can afford to drop prices for you. Well we can, however you need to pay for your own lunch unfortunately.

Our mission is to effectively break the cycle, by using a fair pricing strategy. We are going to force a competitive marketplace by offering a full recruitment consultancy service at a fraction of the traditional cost, and you will to be the one to benefit. Clients of Rowson Green will all benefit from the same fixed fee percentage for permanent and contract recruitment…

…and with that,  we look forward to working with you.